Encouraging a safer gym environment for all.
WYPE Final Prototype


Little to no people in a weight room wipe down their equipment after use, enabling the growth and spread of dangerous infections like MRSA and strep. 


Conduct field observations, interview gym patrons, research academic studies, brainstorm solutions, test mockups with gym patrons, prototype final concept, test with gym patrons and staff.

Solution & Features

A wipe dispenser that attaches to a user's water bottle and can store dirty wipes. Velcro straps with silicone grips secure tightly to the water bottle. Holds enough wipes for one workout and is replenished by gym staff.


Conducted ethnographic research, led brainstorming sessions, built mockups and prototypes, developed story boards, coordinated with gym staff to schedule testing, conducted user testing

Skills Developed

Whitespace projects, field observations, patent research, scholarly research, brainstorming, mockups, user testing.