How do I design?

The purpose of every one of my designs is to improve the user's life.


I start by interacting with users to discover pain points that cause the greatest difficulties in a given project space. In addition to yielding insights, this process fosters relationships with users that far outlive the project.  

After researching these opportunities and attempts to address them, I focus on designing high-quality solutions that are durable and inclusive for all users. I then produce ready-to-use deliverables crafted to exceed expectations.


Most importantly, in every step of designing, I make sure to validate my findings and assumptions with the end users, making the entire process more fruitful. 

My design specialty lies in product development, given my experience in machining, woodworking, and 3D printing. I also have experience in service design, and I strive to develop my skills in creating fully functional apps. 

What have I made?