Fostering productivity, collaboration, and relaxation in the workplace. (Winter & Spring 2020)
Sofa1 Final.jpg


Libraries have two main kinds of seating: solid seating, which is uncomfortable yet productive, and soft seating, which is relaxing yet fails surfaces for serious work. Create a new seating solution that affords both working and resting.


Observe current public seating, identify unused spaces and underutilized seating, develop personas, research competitive landscape, brainstorm sketches, converge on one idea.

Solution & Features

Nook, a two-person lounge that can serve as a coworking space, individual study table, or napping chaise. Made from recycled cardboard composites. 


Solo project. Developed independent study curriculum, created three month Gantt chart, researched market opportunities, brainstormed concepts, synthesized final design. For Spring 2020, will be securing funding, constructing detailed design, conducting stress analyses, mocking up prototypes, finalizing detailed design, and fabricating Nook within budget. 

Skills Developed

Design strategy, market research, industrial design, CAD, design for manufacturing, design for assembly, static analysis, design of experiments, materials selection, FMEA, cost reduction, fabrication.