Automated Grill​

making the QSR kitchen of the future a safer, more efficient environment
Automated Grill Overview


When using a grill in a Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR), workers are exposed to dangerously hot surfaces. Additionally, human error in cooking can cause overproduction and food waste or underproduction and longer order fulfillment times. 

solution & features

A fully automated grilling concept that completes the entire cook process. Frozen patties travel on belt to cooking positions, are cooked, and are scraped into trays. Belt is scraped clean inside the grill. Top clamshell is squeegeed clean.


- Conduct ethnographic research in four QSR kitchens during lunch rushes

- Storyboard the food preparation, cooking, holding, and assembly processes

- Use insights from ethnographic research to identify pain points in the QSR worker experience

- Brainstorm solutions for multiple kitchen categories as an intern team

- Research QSR kitchen intellectual property and synthesize final concepts

- Mock up design and provisionally patent


- Conducted ethnographic research


- Led creation of journey maps with pain points


- Led brainstorming sessions


- Sketched concepts & created foamcore mockups to communicate form & function

skills developed

Project management, ethnographic research, journey mapping, brainstorming, design sketching, low-fidelity mockups, presentation to wide audiences.