Hello! I'm Christian Braun.

I create products that help people live easier, more fulfilling lives.

who I am

I graduated Summa cum Laude from Northwestern University with a BS in  Manufacturing and Design Engineering. There, I focused my studies on human-centered product design and development.
During my summer breaks, I witnessed the power of adaptive technology while volunteering with individuals with disabilities, inspiring me to eliminate what makes life difficult for any person.
As a result, I've placed special emphasis on universal design throughout my experiences in the furniture and food & beverage industries. During the exploratory, conceptual, and detailed design phases of product development, I leverage my skills to make products that are not only functional, but delightful.
By extending these empathetic design principles to all stakeholders throughout development, manufacturing, and assembly, I've elevated my projects, yielding cost reductions of up to 20 percent, lead times up to 2 weeks faster, and even 6 provisional patents
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Throughout my work, I emphasize considerations to improve accessibility, safety, and quality of life for all stakeholders involved.



My skills range across the product development process from initial opportunity research to manufacturing considerations.


Let's build!

Join me in creating delightful products that make a tangible impact. 
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